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Folkehuset Absalon

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Sunday 02 Oct 2022

Science Slam

20:00 - 21:30

Welcome to Science Slam!


What’s a science slam, you say? A Science Slam is an event with two basic ingredients: the scientists, who creatively explain their research projects, and the audience who watch them while drinking a beer or a cup of coffee.


Some scientists use humor, charm and even flirtation, while others do it with numbers, graphs, and curves. But all try to win the hearts of the audience, who give out points to their favorite scientists, after every presentation. At the end, the points are counted to find the winner who gets the night glory and title of coolest scientist in town! But of course, as mom always says, the point is not winning but participating and having a good time!


The important thing is not primarily the scientific outcome of their work, but to explain it in an understandable and entertaining way. Science slams take place outside the university or lecture halls, usually in the evening and accompanied by beers. And who doesn’t like to have a night with beers, good friends, and new knowledge?


It’s free to participate in this event, so bring your friend, neighbour, or study-buddy in to Absalon for an evening filled with knowledge!