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Folkehuset Absalon

About absalon

Absalon is a community space where locals and others come together through various activities. At Absalon you might meet your neighbours for a communal dinner, party all night with old and new friends or meet your grandparents for a game of chess.

Think of Absalon as an extension of your own living room, filled with friends, table tennis, music, backgammon, film, bingo, food, dance, coffee, chess, yoga, markets, parties, talks and everything in between.

We believe that the social bonds between people are what make life meaningful, and at Absalon, we want to create a space where these bonds can form and become stronger.

There’s always something happening in Absalon. We host approximately 100 events every week—from life drawing to quizzes, to parties, to social dinners. Everyone is welcome. Check out our upcoming events in the calendar. Many events can easily be attended by non-Danish speakers.

We look forward to meeting you!

The Absalon Book

In August 2018, The Absalon Book (‘Bogen om Absalon’) was released. It tells the story of Absalon and is written by psychologist Mette Thingstrup and journalist Lene Grønborg Poulsen, based on their discussions with Absalon’s staff and guests, and the Lajboschitz family, who founded Absalon.

The idea with the book is to share the process and the experience of creating a place like Absalon, with the hope to inspire others who might want to start a similar project.

‘THE ABSALON BOOK’ is available in Danish and English. It costs DKK 100 and is sold at the bar in Absalon. 

Write us at if you would like us to send you a copy. 

The space

When you arrive, you’ll walk into the main hall (which we call ‘Salen’) – a high-ceilinged room with long tables, homely furniture, and table tennis.

‘Salen’ is where we hang out, play games, hold meetings, take coffee breaks and eat dinner together every evening. It’s also where we dance under the disco ball at the weekends and play bingo on Thursdays.

Upon the platform suspended above The Main Hall, you’ll find ‘Klubben’. In Klubben, we take off our shoes to dance, play and practice yoga. Most of the exercise classes take place here.

At the top of the building, you’ll find the tower room, ´’Tårnværelset’. This is where we go into depth, get creative and become wiser. You’ll find events such as life drawing, darts, bridge, philosophy talks and many different kinds of creative workshops.