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Tuesday 11 Apr 2023

MAKE A BUST (6-week course)

19:00 - 22:00

Make a bust out of clay. A bust is a sculpture of a head with a neck, shoulders and chest. Do a portrait of someone you know or make something from your imagination.

We meet for six weeks in the ceramic studio on the 3rd floor.


At first, we practise our sense of shapes and proportions by doing croquis in clay and on paper.


Absalon has templates to help you create the basic form. Once this is done it’s time for you to add personality and character with shape, colours and glaze.






1st week 19:00-21:00
We start by doing croquis in clay and on paper.


2nd week 19:00-22:00
We roll out the clay and cut it out using templates and create the basic shape.


3rd week 19:00-22:00
Give shape and character to the bust


4th week 19:00-22:00
Individual work and giving characteristics


5th week 19:00-22:00
We decorate the busts by painting with engobe which is a form of coloured clay paint


6th week 19:00-21:00





Tickets cost 1100 kr. Buy your ticket at the bottom of this page.

The course is six Tuesdays from 19.00-21:00. The price includes the course, 6-kilo clay, glaze and fire.
Your bust can be up to 35 cm tall. It’s an advance if you have a bit of ceramics experience, but everyone is welcome to join.


The ceramics workshop is located on the 3rd floor in Folkehuset Absalon. There is no elevator.


You get there by using the stairs at the bar.
Your clothes might get dirty, so dress accordingly.


Our ceramicist guides you through the process and is ready with advice as you work on your project, but we can’t guarantee that all clay creations will make it in the kiln.


NOTE Remember to check the dates before buying a ticket. Tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable for another date.


Have a look at our terms of service:


If you have questions, write to us at


We are looking forward to seeing you.