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torsdag 04 jan 2024

Postpartum workout (course)

13:45 - 15:15

Postpartum workout in Absalon on Mondays at 12:00 and Thursdays at 13.45.

This course is for you who have given birth. For postpartum workout, we will gently rebuild the body through various exercises. You are welcome to bring your baby along and sometimes we will do exercises where the baby is also involved. Plenty of time has been set aside for this class, so it doesn’t matter so much if you have to go out to cuddle, pick up or feed your child.

We will have a particular focus on regaining activity in the pelvic floor and slowly building strength in the deep abdominal muscles.


Anyone can take part in postpartum workout, but we recommend that you bring your child before they reach crawling age. You buy a ticket for 8-9 weeks at a time, you can easily continue on the next course.


Best regards Laura and Absalon




We meet every Thursday for an 8- or 9-week course at 13.45-15.15

Jan.-Feb. course: 8 weeks: January 4th – February 29th (800 kr.) – note there is no training on January 18th.


NB! It is not possible to park prams indoors in Absalon. The entrance must be kept clear for reasons of fire safety, and no carts may be kept in the hall.