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onsdag 19 jul 2023

Dinner & Music at the Boulevard

18:00 - 22:00

Come join us for a night, where we are eating og enjoying a concert outside on the Boulevard.

We are starting with dinner served on big plates which we share with each other. That means that you might have to ask the person sitting next to you to pass you the bread and be aware that everyone sitting at the tables has gotten what they need.


When we are finish with the dinner the artist Your Hands is playing a koncert. Your Hands plays indie music with strings to both folk music and soft pop.



kl. 17.00-17.45: Come find your seat a the tables at the Boulevard.

kl. 18.00: Dinner

kl. 19.30: Concert with Your Hands

kl. 20.30-23.00: We are moving inside where you can chill and have a drink




– If it rains we are moving inside.

– A representative from your group must be at Absalon at 17:45 at the latest. If this is not the case, we might sell your seats to someone waiting in line.

– We do not make a table plan. We seat people from 17:00.

– Would you like to stay after dinner then check the calendar for events and tickets.

– We do not refund purchased tickets.

– There’s always a vegetarian option.

– We publish the menu of the week on Monday morning. Check out this week’s menu.