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Event Series Event Series: ACRYLICS FOR BEGINNERS
torsdag 07 nov 2024


16:00 - 18:00 Tårnværelset 3. sal 700 kr.

Come and learn the basics of how to paint with acrylics in Absalon.

In this course, you will learn basic techniques to paint with acrylic paint. We meet five Thursdays and each time focus on different topics within painting.

We will be painting both objects in still life and suggested motives to practice techniques, but you are also going to paint motives you decide yourself. Feel free to embrace the opportunity to work on personal projects, bring your ideas to life, and experiment with abstract forms.

You will leave the course with a broader understanding of the materials and techniques and inspiration and skills to continue at home.

You need no experience to join.


Thursday the 7th of NovemberIntroduction to materials and basic Techniques
We will get an overview of the materials, and cover fundamental techniques such as color mixing, layering, and brushstroke application.

Thursday the 14th of November – Sunset and sky exploration
Today we are diving into landscape painting basics, emphasizing elements like the sky, urban elements, bushes and trees.

Thursday the 21st of November – Depths in paintings
We will be working with layers, lights and shadows. Adding textures to bring your paint to life. We will work on creating a more complex landscape.

Thursday the 28th of November-  Still life and composition
Introduction to the concept of still life and how to arrange objects for a captivating composition. We will explore techniques emphasizing composition and light.

Thursday the 5th of December- Expressive portraits
We will today work on creating portraits using a simplified approach to facial features, focusing on expressive shapes and colours.


About our teacher

Lucia is originally from Argentina but is currently based in Copenhagen. Lucia has always had a passion for watercolours and loves how pigment mixed with water is unpredictable and fun to work with.

In addition to painting, she likes teaching, sharing creative spaces with people, and guiding them in the process of exploring their creativity and learning. You can see more of her work on her Instagram @Lulamoor.



We are in Tårnværelset on the 3rd floor in Absalon. You get there by taking the stairs up from the entrance. There is no elevator.

The course will be taught in English by Lucia.

We meet five times –  Thursday the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th of November and the 5th of December.

We have all the materials you need.

It costs 700 kr. to participate. You can buy your ticket on the page below.  The tickets are non-refundable and can’t be changed for another date.

Do you have any questions, you can contact us at