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House dancing for everyone 12 AprilApr 2023 19:45
House dancing for everyone

Would you like to learn how to house dance or to become even better at it? Then join this 6-week course in Absalon. We dance on Wednesdays at 19:45.


House is a dynamic and rhythmic genre that has lots of footwork, coordination, and body grooves. You will break a sweat and hopefully have fun. We work towards gaining a sense of freedom in our individual step language and use special steps and freestyle. You don’t need any experience with house or dancing in general to join the course.


House originates in the 80’s Latin and afro american dance club scene in New York. The music is deep & soulful house music. It is a social dance, where cultures melt together in celebration of free expression and communication through dance. The genre uses techniques from tap dancing, hip-hop, samba, capoeira, jazz-rock, disco, lindy hop, breaking, and African + Afro-Caribbean dancing.


About our teacher Marie Kaae
Marie has danced for more than 25 years and is internationally known in the House genre. She has been teaching for 20+ years and also works as a choreographer and a dance performer when she’s not in Absalon.



8-week course: August 16. - October 4. 2023

When: Wednesdays from 19.45-20.45
Price: 750 kr.
Place: ‘Klubben’ on the first floor

NB. Please bring shoes for inside use and wear clothes that allow free movement.