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Event Series Event Series: Yoga and Pilates
onsdag 24 jul 2024


9:00 - 10:00 Klubben 1. sal 400 kr. (for hele forløbet)

Would you like to become more mobile, and strong, and gain more flexibility?

Maybe you want to feel at ease in your yoga postures, release your back, have stronger and more flexible hips and shoulders, or simply commit to a movement practice. Then join us for this yoga and pilates mat work training every Wednesday at 9:00.

Through controlled Pilates and yoga movements we use our core muscles, the large and small muscles and conscious breathing while focusing on strength, flexibility, balance, and stability. Expect to use your entire body.

Everyone is welcome – beginners and experienced. Joanna will help you adjust the exercises to accommodate injuries and levels.


About our teacher
Joanna Niemczycka has been teaching movement including various forms of yoga with Pilates elements, full-time for the last 5 years.

As a last year Master’s student of Neuropsychology, she uses dance, yoga, pilates and natural movement to create space both in the body and re-create and strengthen new neuropathways in the brain. Inspired by natural movement practices from martial arts, she challenges people through new flow elements, to connect the puzzles between the body and mind. 



Join the course or drop in and buy a ticket for single classes here (below on this site) or in the bar (50 kr.) before the class starts.

Aug.-sept. 8-week course: 7/8 –  25/9. – Price: 400 kr.

We have mats and blankets available in the room. Remember to bring a water bottle and clothes that allow free movement