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fredag 01 mar 2024

Worldwide Disco Service

21:00 - 23:55

Welcome to the global expedition of sound – “Worldwide Disco Service” with DJs Kawun and Prom Night.

Get ready to embark on a rhythmic journey transcending borders and eras, as we bring you the best beats from every corner of the globe. From the glittering lights of disco to the soulful vibes of boogie, the infectious rhythm of funk, and the pulsating energy of house music – this night is your passport to a worldwide celebration of dance.


Join us as DJs Kawun and Prom Night blend cultures and beats, creating a sonic tapestry that unites the dance floors of the world. Absalon will transform into a vibrant hub of global grooves, where every step is a dance through different continents and every note tells a story of unity.



DJ, Producer & Labelboss Prom Night has become one of the well-known names on the Copenhagen clubscene. With his sets spanning sleazy disco cuts and chuggers, Italo house, afro-house, acid, techno and beyond, Shaq plays often in esteemed underground spots including Stockholm’s Underbron, Berlins ‘Renate’ or festivals like ‘Roskilde Festival’, ‘PLX’ and many more.




Kawun is one of the latest editions to the new breed of DJ’s coming out of Copenhagen, and has in the recent years established himself as one of the most exciting young DJ’s of the Danish capitals clubscene.

With a love for Disco and House, the eclectic style of the Danish-Afghan DJ has led him to play at prolific and established venues around the city, supporting names such as DJ Seinfeld, Skatebård, HAAi and many more. 



Looking forward to see you

Kawun, Prom Night and Absalon





Tickets price: 70 kr. 

Buy here or at the door if not sold out

Age limit: 21


In Absalon we do not tolerate racism, sexism, homofobia, transfobia or other discriminating behavior. Have a nice party <3