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  • Denne begivenhed er allerede afholdt.
tirsdag 02 apr 2024


20:15 - 22:00 Salen 100 kr.

Join us when we combine Stråla Yoga and Gaga Dance for an evening of movement and expression in Absalon’s main hall.

We’ll start with a Stråla Yoga session guided by Lisbeth Moseholm (@moseholmyoga), with focus on a profound breath-body connection, and mindfull awareness. Later we dive into spontaneity and dynamic movement with Gaga dance guided by Kari Vig (@kari_vig).


About Stråla Yoga:
With its unique approach to movement, Stråla Yoga draws inspiration from the ancient practices of Tai Chi and Qigong and distinguishes itself from other types of yoga by focusing on the process of movement rather than the final yoga poses. Stråla is focusing more on “feeling” your way through your yoga practice, rather than fixating on right or wrong.

Fore more info on Strala Yoga look here:  www.moseholmyoga.com


About Gaga Dance:
Gaga is a movement language and a dance class that’s hard to explain and has to be experienced. This evening we will dance for 60 minutes without stopping and connect to silliness, delicacy and explosive power. For more info on Gaga look here:  www.karivigpetersen.com


Let’s find out what the combination of Stråla Yoga and Gaga dance can do. We look forward to an evening that celebrates movement, expression, and the magic of the present moment.

Do you want to join us? Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous experience with yoga or dance.

The event will be in English. Get your ticket in advance below. 



Price: 100 kr.

Bring your own mat 

Doors opening kl. 19.45. We start on time so make sure to be here early to find a spot