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lørdag 23 mar 2024


17:30 - 19:00 Klubben 1. sal 100 kr.

Do you also want to be able to impress on the dance floor with fancy footwork and vibrant hips, come and join us when Anna and Absalon invite you to a Salsa and Bachata workshop.

During this workshop, you will learn new footwork patterns, dance techniques, body posture, body movement, musicality, timing, styling and much more.

This workshop is for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills.

In this workshop we don’t dance in pairs, so come on your own or bring your friends, family or study buddies for a social and festive dance workshop.

The dance class is composed of:

  • 45 min to work on Salsa Footwork
  • 45 min to work on Bachata Footwork


Salsa Footwork

The most popular at the dance floors and festivals. Salsa dance known as mix of many dance styles and flavors with energetic and passionate movements, revealing the sound of each instrument playing in the melody.

We will learn the musicality aspect, how to dance to different instruments with easy and stylish moves and feel great on the dance floor at parties and events.

Bachata Footwork

Bachata is a dance with passionate and rhythmic movements, fusion of sensuality and musicality, relies heavily on footwork to convey emotions and connect with the music.

We’ll take a look at the art of Bachata footwork and captivate your abilities on the dance floor.



The class will be taught in English.

Price: 100 kr.

Location: ’Klubben’ at 1st floor.

NB! Remember to wear indoor shoes for dancing and movement, as we are not allowed to wear outdoor shoes in the club. If you dance in stilettos, the heel must be plastic/rubber. If it is made of metal, it must be protected with a plastic/rubber cover.