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lørdag 17 feb 2024

Riding Solo Music Bingo + Afterparty

20:00 - 22:30

It’s time for Saturday Music Bingo again and this time we’re singing along to all the artists who have gone solo!

Before Beyoncé there was Destiny’s Child and before Harry Styles we had One Direction, Phil Collins started in Genesis, and we got to know Justin Timberlake in *NSYNC. 


We swap out the numbers on the bingo plates with all the greatest hits from the breakout soloists. We will play one row, two rows, and full plate.


Once we’ve sung, danced and played bingo, our DJ takes over and keeps the dance floor hot until 02:00 




20.00 – Come and find a good seat in the hall


20.30 – Saturday Music Bingo


22.30 – Our DJ makes sure the dance floor is on fire


02.00 – Thank you for tonight


We look forward to lots of sing-alongs and bingo with you!


 Absalon  ❤️




The bingo starts at 20.30, so come in good time and find a seat


Everyone gets two bingo plates