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mandag 23 okt 2023

Morning training (course)

7:45 - 8:45

Welcome to Morning training every Monday at 7.45-8.45 am with Emma in Absalon.

On this team we will raise our pulse as well as our mood and energy. We do this with the help of a lot of different cardio and strength training exercises to the sound of good rhythms and up-tempo songs that makes it hard to stand still! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced fitness person or if you’ve never set foot in a gym before. Emma will guide you through the technique and execution of the various training exercises, and there will be alternative exercises in case of injuries or other challenges – so don’t let level, age, handicaps or training experience stop you.


We are going to sweat, jump, squat, smile and sing to get in shape in this class. It will be both hard and fun, so swing by Absalon for a morning workout together with others.


Best wishes

Emma & Absalon



Oct.-dec. 8-week course: 23rd of October – 11th of December. – 400 kr.

Nov.-dec. 4-week course: 20th of November – 11th of December. – 200 kr.

Jan.-feb. 8-week course: 8th of January – 26th of February. – 400 kr.

Mondays at 7.45-8.45 am.

Remember to bring a water bottle and clothes you can move in.