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lørdag 06 maj 2023

“Mo Money, Mo Problems” Kiki Ball

21:00 - 22:00

Legion Meraki & Magnus Louboutin invite you to the “Mo Money, Mo Problems” Kiki Ball

Dollars, bucks and cold cash, you can’t live without it, but an overflow of currency also comes with its own problems. For this night we invite you to celebrate the struggles and idles that can come with finances. So max out your credit cards cause tonight it’s all about capital.


What is ballroom?

Ballroom is an underground subculture created by and for the BIPOC LGBTQIA+ community in Harlem, New York. It stems from racism within drag pageant culture and has developed since the 1920s to what we know today. A ball is a space where you compete in categories varying between fashion, performance and passing into the hetero- cisnormative society. No, Madonna did NOT create vogue, and no dips will be called shablams tonight!


You can see all categories here