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Magnus Louboutin presents: The Trash Kiki Ball 18 JuniJun 2022 21:00
Magnus Louboutin presents: The Trash Kiki Ball

Magnus Louboutin presents: The Trash Kiki Ball

You know when it’s so bad that it’s good? Tonight is an ode to trash as a concept, both as questionable fashion trends and tendencies, but also as actual litter. So dust off your Lita heels and don’t worry about your tramp stamp, because tonight trash is treasure.





What is ballroom?

Ballroom is an underground subculture created by and for the BIPOC LGBTQIA+ community in Harlem, New York. It stems from racism within drag pageant culture and has developed since the 1920s to what we know today. A ball is a space where you compete in categories varying between fashion, performance and passing into the hetero- cisnormative society. No, Madonna did NOT create vogue, and no dips will be called shablams tonight! Be mindful about the space you take up at a ball and make sure to do your research:


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OTA tag team face
Baby vogue
Fag out
OTA body
OTA american runway
FF realness
OTA hands performance vs arms control
OTA european runway
MF realness
Lip sync
Dyke out
Shake that ass
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