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lørdag 09 sep 2023

Line Dance

16:30 - 17:30

Dance and clap in sync with your neighbour when we line up and dance straight at Absalon!

Line dancing is a fun and physical dance without a partner, where we all learn the same choreography from scratch and dance together in a row. Our dance instructor, Paula Yau, will safely guide us through every step and clap, and we’ll be dancing at a beginner-friendly level so everyone can join in!


So tighten your belt, dust off your favourite cowboy hat, and come dance “faster than your own shadow” with us.


Dance greetings from Paula & Absalon.



Note! Remember indoor shoes for dancing and movement, as outdoor shoes are not allowed in ‘Klubben’.

Price: 50 kr.

Location: ‘Klubben’ on the 1st floor

If you want to secure a spot, buy your ticket in advance.

We do not refund purchased tickets, Please have a look at our terms of service. If you are prevented from attending, you are welcome to give your spot to someone you think can use it. You can also find the event on the Facebook page Movement in Absalon and ask in the discussion if anyone is interested.