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tirsdag 21 nov 2023


21:00 - 22:15

Join us when we once again transform our big hall in Absalon to one big yoga studio.
Step into a mesmerizing world of rhythm, motion, and inner unity when we combine the power of flow yoga with a live DJ, creating an immersive and sensory-rich journey that synchronizes the body, breath, and beat.

Our yoga teacher Emma Boysen Stein will guide you through this special yoga experience. The class is characterized by the graceful transitions between poses, creating a dynamic and continuous movement that challenges and relaxes both body and mind. In this class, the movements harmonize with the music’s rhythm and create a flow. Each pose is choreographed to the beat, turning your practice into a dance of self-expression. We don’t strive for perfection but focus on the experience within. 

Søren Reith-Hauberg sets the mood with a curated selection of music that perfectly complements the flow of the class. The beats are carefully chosen to enhance your yoga practice, adding an element of energy and inspiration. 

The class is for all levels and will be held in English.


Come and flow on the Beat with us!

Absalon, Søren and Emma



100 kr.

The class is 1 hour and 15 minutes long, please be at the venue at 20.30 so you can set up your mat before we start! 

Please bring your own mat and a water bottle and if you feel like wearing something expressive to match the groove, please do so!