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fredag 12 jan 2024


19:30 - 23:55

Together with the karaokeunivers NYN, we are inviting you all in for the Absalon karaoke party!

This night we are having a big karaoke party in the whole house and you and your friends have the chance to book a private karaoke room!


Come and sing your favorite hits from your favorite artists, sing a heartfelt duet with a person you like or dance and cheer for other cool karaoke singers.





You buy your tickets here on the page and have Tårnværelset on your own for 1,5 hours. Please notice that you book in on a specific time slot, which it will say on the ticket.


You need to be a minimum of 8 people and you can maximum be 25 people.

It costs 800 kr. for a group up to 8 people. Are you more than 8 people, you can buy extra tickets that costs 50 kr. pr. person.


It will be possible to buy drinks in the room on the night.


The ticket also includes the big part in the hall. Parties in Absalon are 21+.