Folkehuset Absalon

Just Another Drag Show 07 JuniJun 2023 20:30
Just Another Drag Show


It’s “JUST ANOTHER DRAG SHOW” and it's in English.

Have you never been to a drag show before? Then come to Absalon on Wednesday June 10th and experience some top tier Copenhagen drag!

We’re ready to serve it up - but are you ready take it all in?

Your host ANNIE RECTION (from P3’s Dragcentralen) will guide you through an evening of drag performances where truly anything can happen.



PHILIPINA (Winner of Absalon's Drag Race Season 3)
KARLI KUFF (From P3's Dragcentralen)




These performers are HUNGRY to give it to ya and we’ll of course finish the evening off with playing DRAG ROULETTE. Non-stop lipsync battle performances to songs YOU choose. Yes honey, YOU choose the lipsyncs!

You don’t wanna miss this MONTHLY drag show at Absalon!


The show will be in English.
The show is for ages 16+.
Absalon is accesable for wheelchair users.