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lørdag 19 aug 2023

Head- and handstand workshop

12:00 - 13:30

Come along to the headstand and handstand workshop in Absalon

The idea of ​​standing on your head or hands can be a little scary. But it can be super fun to play with the challenge and maybe discover that you can do more than you think!

This workshop is for those of you who may be a little afraid of falling when you try these yoga positions, but have the courage to challenge yourself. We start with a short yoga flow to warm up the body and activate the muscles and parts of the body that will help us in head and handstand. From there we will start to find balance upside down and explore the different techniques that can provide a cool and safe experience! The last part of the workshop will focus on balance on the hands – using the wall and exercises with each other 🙂


You don’t need to be able to stand on your head or hands, but it is an advantage if you have some experience with yoga or movement.

The workshop will be taught in English if there is a need, but it will still be possible to get the explanations in Danish.



Price: 100 DKK
Place: Klubben on the 1st floor


Come in good time, we start on time. Feel free to bring your own mat.


Tickets can be purchased online in advance. We do not refund purchased tickets. If you can’t make it, you are welcome to give your place to someone you think can use it.