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lørdag 21 okt 2023

Free dance and electronic live impro

16:00 - 17:30

I this workshop, we let free dance meet improvised electronic live music, so that steps, tones, rhythms, directions, and movements can merge. Dance as you want with inspiration from the dance guide and the music. Music and dance are connected through individual bodily interpretations in a long, stepless flow.
Everyone is welcome. Come as you are – in clothes that you can move in. The dance requires no prerequisites, just the desire to move to music in a room with others.


About the musician

Tao Højgaard aka Mute State makes sound collages and non-linear electronic music with sampled voices, jazz guitar and synthesizers. Everything is created on the spot with guitar pedals and guitar.


About the dance guide

Kathrine Vitus works under the MovingLife concept to create space for physical, musical enjoyment and presence in dance and dance communities. Kathrine guides the free dance with inspiration from 5RhythmDance, Conscious Dance, Story Dancing and Ritual Dance.



Price: 100 kr.

Room: ‘Klubben’ on 1st floor

Bring clothes you can move in and a water bottle.