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lørdag 13 jan 2024

Flea Market in Absalon

10:00 - 15:00

Stop by the flea market and go treasure hunting at the stalls. Maybe you’ll find a favourite cup, a perfect ‘new to you’ dress or a vintage lamp with personality. 

The bar sells breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks if you need anything. 


Entrance is free.


Would you like to be a seller? 

 A table costs 350 kr. and can be booked below on this page. 


You can set up your stall from 9:00. Arrive at 9:30 at the latest. 


We will assign you a table and chairs when you arrive. The table measures 220*85 cm.

Bring your own racks for clothes etc. There’s only room for one clothing rack pr. table. 



Everything must be packed away before 16:00. Remember to take everything with you when you leave Absalon.


We don’t refund seller-tickets but you are welcome to pass yours on to someone else.