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mandag 01 aug 2022

Figure Drawing summer course

16:00 - 19:00

Learn the basics of figure drawing in Absalon!

A course where you can focus on improving your drawing skills three days in a row. We’ll try different methods and styles. You don’t need any experience to join this course.


Monday the 1st of August – Movement
We will look into gesture drawing and how to show movement in a figure drawing. We will study methods for drawing movement in the renaissance, baroque and comic books. We will work with short poses and loose drawings.


Tuesday the 2nd of August – Volume
This day is about
drawing volume by going cross-axis over the gestures, how to draw through the figure and important anatomical points to help determine where the volume should start and stop. This will be done with just a line.


Wednesday the 3rd of August – Rendering
We will learn about rendering; the process of putting down tone to make things look volumetric by light and shadow. This includes both indirect and direct light.


The teacher
Lawrence Marvit is a designer and he has worked at Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Disney, Pixar, DC Comics among others. He has taught drawing at the Animation Workshop for well over a decade. You can see examples of his work at lawrencemarvit.com




The course is for three days from 16:00 – 19:00 in the tower room on the 3rd floor. There’s no elevator.

We have the paper and pencils you need for the assignments. If you feel like using your own materials, you are welcome to.

Price: 400 kr. Buy your ticket below. Tickets are non-refundable.