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torsdag 25 maj 2023

Electronic music course – cancelled

16:00 - 18:00

Learn how to create electronic music from scratch!

In this course, you will learn how to translate your musical ideas and thoughts into electronic music productions. Whether you like pop, techno, house, or country, it doesn’t matter because there are no limitations to what we can transform into electronic beats and productions.


The course is aimed at those who want to play and experiment with songwriting and music production, but with a focus on electronic music. We will dive into basic recording procedures and mix techniques, the creative process, experimental sound sources/sampling, and remixes. You don’t need experience. Everyone can join.


We will work with the music program Ableton Live, which can be downloaded for Mac and PC for free in a trial period of 90 days. Please download and install the program before the course starts. You can download it HERE.


Bring your favorite sketches to work on during the course.


We look forward to seeing you!


Our teacher

The teacher of the course is Andreas Stent. Andreas works as a DJ, producer, songwriter, and artist for both Danish and international artists. Andreas is a resident DJ at Absalon and knows how to start a good party.



We meet on Wednesdays, May 24 and 31, and June 7 and 14, from 4-6 pm in the Tower Room on the 3rd floor of Absalon. You can access it via the staircase in the entrance. There is no elevator.

It costs 400 DKK to participate. You can buy your ticket below on this page. The ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged for another date. Please see our terms of services.