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Folkehuset Absalon

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onsdag 08 nov 2023

Dinner & Shortfilm

18:00 - 20:30

Join us for an evening in Folkehuset Absalon, where we will eat community dinner and watch short films together.

This evening, we will experience new love, class struggle and aliens through short films along with lots of food. So, sit tight and travel into the world of short films and food in the main hall in Absalon.



Build your own Tacos

Dessert: Banana cake



kl. 18.00: Welcome
kl. 18.05: Short Film
kl. 18.30: Dinner
kl. 19.00: Short Films
kl. 20.00: Dessert and Short Films
kl. 20.30: Thanks for tonight, Absalon is open until 24.00. Stay and have a drink 🙂


Looking forward to see you

Absalon & Copenhagen Short Film Festival




Álvaro Moriano & Alejandro de Vega / 23 min. / Spain / 2022 /

Javi and his brother Luis have just inherited their grandmother’s Mexican restaurant. The winner of the following bet will get to keep it: Javi has to get his next fling to eat a whole jalapeño… but Luis will make sure it is not an easy task. When Javi meets Marina, the bet is compromised.


Holy Hen (Hellige Høne)

Tanne Sommer / 18 min. / Denmark / 2021 / Danish premiere

An elderly, Christian couple lives out in the middle of nowhere and the man, Gert, cannot live without his daily doses of delicious meat from a self-butchered animal. But God works in mysterious ways and slowly the wife, Bodil, discovers that one of their hens isn’t just a hen. She believes God is speaking through the hen and has a message, He wants to share…


Crazy Crabs From Outer Space

Magdaleena Jakkila / 23 min. / Finland / 2022 / Danish premiere

Pirjo, still stuck in her past, gets kidnapped by her pet crab Sebastian who turns out to be an alien. Sebastian wants to save her since the world is about to end at 10 o’clock today. However, Pirjo refuses to leave the planet without a memento of her beloved Ester and Sebastian won’t leave without Pirjo. The clock is ticking.


The Cake (La Torta)

Carlos Novella / 19 min. / Venezuela / 2022 / Scandinavian premiere

A confectioner prepares the cake for a party to which she hopes to be invited.


Bananas for Ice Cream

Risto Kütt / 3 min. / Estonia / 2022 / Danish premier

A Story about a Banana, who drops and leaves everything behind, just to chase down an Ice Cream Truck for a Delicious Cone.



– A representative from your group must be at Absalon at 17:45 at the latest. If this is not the case, we might sell your seats to someone waiting in line.

– We do not make a table plan. We seat people from 17:00.

– We do not refund purchased tickets.