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Folkehuset Absalon

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søndag 24 dec 2023

December 24th in Absalon

18:00 - 23:55

It’s Dec. 24, also in Absalon.

Come and share an evening with family, neighbours, old or new friends. We’re creating a cozy evening together. The chef will make us a warm winter menu and we help each other carry the plates, make the coffee, and get everything going throughout the evening.


Maybe we’ll sing a song, play table tennis, build card houses or something surprising?



Main course: Duck thigh with red cabbage, potatoes, brown sauce & chips.

Vegetarian: Long-baked beetroot and celery with red cabbage, potatoes, herb sauce & chips.


Dessert: Ris a la mande with plum-amarena compote.


We look forward to seeing you!


Absalon ❤️




Come and find your seats in the main hall from 5 pm.


❤️ You can buy up to 8 tickets at a time.


❤️ If you are a group and would like to be seated together then please order the tickets with the same name, as we make the seating plan in advance. If extra people are added to your group then please let us know at julefrokost@absaloncph.dk.


❤️ Children under 2 years join the dinner for free. If you have small kids dining with you then let us know and we will make sure there is a high chair for them. 


❤️ If you would prefer a vegetarian meal, then let us know in advance at julefrokost@absaloncph.dk.