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tirsdag 09 jan 2024

Dance party course (6-8 years)

14:45 - 15:45

On this 8-week dance course for children (ages 6-8) we will go crazy with the latest steps and dance to a lot of great songs. There is room for everyone, and we arrange the lessons according to those who are taking part. You are welcome to make requests for songs we can dance to.

We dance both hip-hop, show dance, modern and much more. We will share the joy of moving on the dance floor and having a party. Pernille is ready to hit dance with you and she is looking forward to it.

Everyone can join, regardless of whether you have danced before.


About our teacher

Pernille has been dancing for 32 years and dances many different styles. She was trained as a dancer, director, choreographer in 2008 and is a former competitive dancer in hip-hop, show dance and modern disco. It is important to Pernille that her lessons are educational, energetic and full of joy.




Jan.-feb. 7 weeks course: from Tuesday 9th of January to Tuesday 27th of February (NB! No dance in week 7 – the 13th of February).

Tuesdays from 14.45-15.45

Age: 6-8 years

Price: 350 kr. for the entire course