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tirsdag 17 okt 2023

Dance course for couples – JIVE intermediate

18:00 - 19:00

Have you tried dancing the jive before and would you like to get even better at dancing the jive with a partner? Then you have the chance for this 8-week course in Absalon.

Jive is a variation of the classic swing dances, and therefore a lively and fast couple dance. With a fast pace, you are guaranteed sweat on your forehead and a smile on your face. During the 8 weeks, we will learn different step combinations and go in depth with technique and dance flow.


About teacher Paula Yau:
Paula is a former tournament dancer and has taught various dance styles for many years. Her passion for dance is reflected in her teaching, where she emphasizes technique and the joy of dancing.



Oct.-Dec 8-week course: from 17/10 – 5/12. – At 18.00-19.00
Price: 1200 kr. per couple


Venue: ‘Klubben’ on the 1st floor
NOTE: Remember indoor shoes for dancing and movement, as we are not allowed to wear outdoor shoes in the club.