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Folkehuset Absalon

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lørdag 25 nov 2023

Christmas Market

10:00 - 15:00

Come by to the Christmas market in Absalon, where Salen will be filled with various stalls. Here you can find, among other things, handmade decorations, jewellery, ceramics and gifts for yourself or a loved one.

If you want to have a stall, send an email with a description and photo of what you want to sell, and we will make sure of a wide range of things and cases.


In the bar you can get coffee, ‘æbleskiver’, ‘gløgg’ and lunch.

We are looking forward to seeing you



The price is DKK 400 for a table measuring 220x85cm. Chairs are included with the stall.


Setup is possible from 8:00 and latest arrival at 9:00.


The ticket cannot be refunded, but if you are unable to do so, you may trade it away.


Contact ursula@absaloncph.dk