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mandag 03 jul 2023


9:00 - 15:00

Absalon’s ceramics workshop invites you to a 5-day Ceramic Summer School. Together with other ceramic enthusiasts, you will have the opportunity to learn techniques, play with materials and make beautiful, functional, artistic objects that you can take home. We will do a new activity each day, like calm yoga/stretching, going on an inspiration trip or taking a dip in the ocean.

As a starting point, you will hand mold a jug and a vase using pinching, coiling technique and slab technique. You will also try your hand at colour selection and engobes. Absalon’s ceramicist glazes all your pieces after the course.


We start most days by getting our bodies moving before we have to immerse ourselves in design and decoration. We have lunch together at 12:00 every day. If you have allergies that we need to be aware of or any questions, please write to





Monday 9:00-15:00
We meet for breakfast in Absalon and then we spend the day building a jug using coiling technique.


Tuesday 9:00-15:00
We do half an hour of movement where everyone can join. Then we make a vase in slab technique.


Wednesday 10:00-16:00
We will go on an inspiration trip out into the world, before spending the day in the workshop decorating our jugs, vases and dishes with engobes in different colours.


Thursday 9:00-15:00
We will take a dip in the water by Kalve Brygge and after we will keep working on new and old projects.


Friday 9:00-13:00
Friday is the opportunity to put the finishing touches on the week’s projects.





The course lasts 5 days, from Monday till Friday, in week 27 (3/7 – 7/7), week 28 (10/7 – 14/7), 30 (24/7 – 28/7) or 32 (7/8 – 11/8). Most days we meet at 9:00-15:00, except for Wednesday when we meet at 10:00-16:00 and Friday at 9:00-13:00.


Everyone can join, regardless of whether you have experience with ceramics or not.


The price per participant is 1700 kr. including 5 kg of clay, materials, breakfast on Monday and lunch on all five days. It is possible to buy drinks and snacks in Absalon’s café.


The ceramic workshop is located on the 3rd floor of Folkehuset Absalon. There is no elevator.


If you have questions, write to us at


We look forward to seeing you!