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søndag 21 aug 2022


10:00 - 12:00

Do you feel like making something homemade, maybe a gift to a friend? Then join this workshop, where we will be making our own pot in ceramics and a macramé plant hanger!
We will be meeting two sundays. The first time we will be making the pot for the plant in ceramics. With simple techniques we will be sculpturing the clay, so that it can hold a plant.
After the workshop the ceramics will be burned and glazed, and your ceramics pot will be ready when you have to make your marcramé hanger.

The second time we meet in ‘Tårnværelset’ and make the maramé plant hanger. Macramé is a technique of crafting textile by combining different knots.
The macramé workshop will be taught in english by Azahara, who will guide you in simple techniques, so your macraméhanger fits to your homemade ceramics pot.

Put a plant in your ceramics pot and hang it in the macramé hanger – voilá!


We meet Sunday the 21st and Sunday the 4th of September
The first time we meet in Absalons ceramic workshop ‘Børnehaven’ on 3rd floor. To get up there, take the stairs next to the bar. There is no elevator.
Our ceramicists will guide you, but we can’t guarantee that your creations will make it through the kiln.

The second time we meet in ‘Tårnværelset’ on the 3rd floor. To get there, take the stairs in the entrance.

It costs 350 kr. to participate. You can buy your ticket on this site.
The tickets are non-refundable and can’t be changed for another date.

Do you have any questions, then contacts us on mail info@absaloncph.dk

We are looking forward to seeing you!