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torsdag 24 aug 2023

Breakup Music Bingo

20:30 - 22:30

Are you sitting on the couch, eating chocolate, screaming “All By Myself”? Is the freezer filled with ice cream and the headphones with Kelly Clarkson? Or is it just good that you got rid of the bad ex and you now can say “Thank you next”?

Then come along to Breakup Music Bingo in Absalon and sing out your sorrows!


We’re going to listen to the great ballads of breakups, dance to the songs that helps us rise up again and let the music give us a big hug to forget the ex – all while playing bingo!


So bring your friends, your neighbors or your ex to Absalon and lets play Breakup Music Bingo!


Vi glæder os



Practical info


Everybody gets to bingo plates


Bingo starts at 20.30, so come early and grab a good seat