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fredag 20 okt 2023

Boyband afterparty

22:00 - 23:55

Are you ready to unleash your inner boy band?
If you know the Bye Bye Bye steps in advance and just want to dance to all the big hits from the 90s/00s, come to the after party from 10 pm. Our DJ sets the dancefloor on fire and makes sure you can’t stand still until 02 am.


Program for the evening

20.15: Doors open, come and find a spot in the main hall

20.45-21.45: *NSYNC-dance: Nick teaches us the steps to Bye Bye Bye

22.00: Our DJ makes sure you can’t stand still on the dance floor to hits from the 90s/00s

02.00: Thanks for tonight


We are looking forward to lots of lip sync and *NSYNC vibes with you.



Age limit after 10 pm: 21 years

Entrance to the party at 10 pm: 50 DKK at the door.