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torsdag 25 jan 2024

Ballet & Bingo – Cinderella

20:00 - 22:00

The Royal Danish Ballet and Absalon invite for a night of Ballet & Bingo!

In collaboration with a team of ballet dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet, we will take you through an unusual bingo evening in Absalon.


The theme this evening is the adventurous Cinderella. The fairy tale of Cinderella is known and loved by every child, and in Gregory Dean’s ballet version, the level of romance is high. To Prokofiev’s beautiful music, the story of the poor girl with the good heart is told, who despite great obstacles on her way, can finally find that justice and love come to those who deserve it.


Along the way, we will learn more about the ballet performance of Cinderella and then we will go behind the scenes and hear some thoughts behind the performance.


Leave the theater coat at home and instead bring your best bingo spirit when the Danish Royal Ballet will read stories and numbers up.

Take your girlfriend, grandmother, best friend or neighbor under your arm – everyone is welcome – regardless of age.


Some aspects will be in Danish while the night mostly will be in English. 


We look forward
Absalon & the Royal Danish Theatre


The game is from 20:00-22:00 with a break.

Everyone gets two bingo cards (included in the price).