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tirsdag 29 aug 2023

An evening about our memory

20:00 - 22:00

Have you also tried to forget your pin code or stood in Netto and forgot whether it was eggs or milk you were missing? Have you ever been embarrassed to have forgotten the name of your new colleague, or do you always forget which artist made “Karma Chameleon” when you are at a music quiz?

Then come to memory training with Lars Christiansen in Absalon!


This Tuesday we focus on memory and how, with a few changes, you will be able to remember just what you need.


Memory trainer Lars Christiansen will share his knowledge and is convinced that anyone with the right motivation can achieve a very effective learning ability. Since 2013, Lars has participated in national and international memory championships and in 2017 he was named International Grandmaster and is 2 x Danish Champion in memory.


Join the lecture on memory training and experience for yourself how good a memory you really have.

Read more about Lars here: http://www.gemmorjestraening.dk/om-mig/


We look forward!

Absalon and Lars


Practical information


The event starts at 20, so come early and find a spot.