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onsdag 18 okt 2023

Absalon's Copenhagen Quiz

20:00 - 22:00


On the special occasion of UNESCO choosing our very own Copenhagen as World Capital of Architecture 2023, Absalon invites you to a Copenhagen quiz.


Do you know your neighbourhood like the back of your hand? Do you know the names of all the good old pubs? Do you cycle 10 kilometres through the city every morning and notice the beautiful towers you cycle past? Or can you sing along to all the songs written about our capital city? Then come to the Copenhagen quiz in Absalon!


Whether you’re from Østerbro, Nørrebro, Vesterbro or Vejle, you’re welcome as long as your heart is filled with love for Copenhagen.


We look forward to seeing you!



Practical info


The quiz starts at 8 pm, so arrive in good time and find a seat



There is a maximum of 6 people in a team, so you can split up if there are more people



It costs DKK 50 per person to participate, buy your ticket below