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Folkehuset Absalon

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søndag 25 jun 2023

Absalon at Roskilde – Line Dance

13:00 - 14:00

Absalon is back at Roskilde Festival!

This year, we invite you to dance on the dance floor “Destroy Me Once, Destroy Me Twice,” where we’ll be doing line dancing and Whacking.


On this day, we’ll be dancing straight and synchronized without a partner when we welcome you to Line dance. Line dance has its roots in folk dance and chain dance. Everyone learns the same choreography and becomes part of a large, dancing crowd. Dance instructor Paula Yau will safely guide participants through the steps and claps.


So tighten your belt, bring out your favorite cowboy hat, and come dance “faster than your own shadow.”


The event is free with a Festival ticket.


We look forward to seeing you!