Folkehuset Absalon

West Coast Swing Workshop 27 JanuaryJan 2024 14:00
West Coast Swing Workshop

Come and try West Coast Swing in Absalon.


West Coast Swing is a popular and rapidly growing couple dance in most of the world. The characteristic of the dance is the elastic look that occurs when the couple moves back and forth in a line. The basic technique consists of 'compression and stretch' and in between a lot of fun things can happen.


In WCS there is room for both humor and improvisation. We emphasize that it should be fun and entertaining to dance. This workshop is for all levels and we learn about connection and basic steps. Everyone is welcome regardless of previous dance experience.


About the teachers Connie Yndal Pedersen and dance partner

Connie is a former professional dancer and has been teaching dance for the past 20 years. She started dancing salsa, then tango and zouk and now has her main focus on West Coast Swing. Connie and her team have been building a West Coast Swing scene in Copenhagen since November 2022.




NB! Remember to wear indoor shoes for dancing and movement, as we are not allowed to wear outdoor shoes in ’Klubben’. If you dance in stilettos, the heel must be plastic/rubber. If it is made of metal, it must be protected with a plastic/rubber cover. 

Price: 200 kr. per couple

Location: ‘Klubben’ 1st floor