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Stråla yoga 03 FebruaryFeb 2023 09:00
Stråla yoga

Stråla Yoga every Friday at 9am.


The class is taught in English…og du er lige så velkommen hvis du også taler dansk;)


Stråla stands for strength, awareness, and balancing, and means ‘to shine’ in Swedish. In Stråla Yoga we focus more on the process than the final postures. We move with our breath in a constant flow.


You might know the postures from other types of yoga, but Stråla leaves more space to move intuitively, and move the way it feels most natural to you. By moving your body in a natural way, you will let go of tensions and gain a better sense of your body and be able to give it what it needs.


People in all levels can join, and everyone is very welcome.


About Julia our teacher:

Julia is an educated Pedagogue and Holistic Yoga Instructor, with several yoga trainings for different types of yoga. Her favorite though is teaching a feel good flow yoga that combines movement with a focus upon the breath, to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

When you visit her class you can look forward to intuitive and authentic movements that will set you up perfectly for your day ahead.


We’re looking forward to begin the day shining with you!


Best wishes Julia and Absalon





Bring your own yoga mat if possible. There are mats available in the room if you don't have one.


Price: 50 kr.


Buy your ticket below or early at the bar if they’re not sold out. Check the dates and times and make sure you pick the right one. The tickets are non-refundable and can’t be changed to another date. Please have a look at our terms of service.