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Oldies But Goldies Dance 03 FebruaryFeb 2023 10:30
Oldies But Goldies Dance

Oldies but Goldies dance is for everyone with silver hair and buckets of experience and wisdom.


Come by and break a sweat dancing to good music.


This is a senior class where we move to music. We start slow by warming up the body with natural movements. The rest are simple dance moves that challenge our coordination and we get the heart rate up with strength and balance exercisses.There will be sessions with free form dancing during the class. We finish with relaxing stretching


Our focus is the joy of movement regardless of how it looks. Everyone is welcome to join, and we can adjust to accommodate injuries and sensibilities.



Price: 50 kr.

Place: ‘Klubben’ at 1st floor


Wear clothes that allow free movement and bring shoes for inside use and a water bottle.

Buy your ticket below or at the bar before class if they’re not sold out. Check the dates and times and make sure you pick the right one. The tickets are non-refundable and can’t be changed to another date. Please have a look at our terms of service.