Folkehuset Absalon

Tokonoma Night 27 JanuaryJan 2024 21:00
Tokonoma Night

Tokonoma Night is a chance for you to move, release and express through dance. Everyone is invited to share the space, inspire, and get inspired on the open floor. This night is about coming together and dancing together. Come as you are.


Our ambition is to showcase a kaleidoscope of street & club dance styles with ‘cypher’ performances and interaction through dance. A ‘cypher’ is a freestyle dance jam where an open circle is formed, and dancers take turns in the centre.




Arian Šajina (he/him) invites Annesofie Aakjær (she/her), Marco Payer (he/him)

Funky Sun (any/all) invites Fada (she/her)

Ida Irma Poulsen (she/her) invites Anton Juul (he/him), Isabella Crotes Rudas (she/her), Jens Normann (they/them)

Robin Flux (he/him) & Rosa Maluna (she/her)



DingoTracks (he/him)

DJ Lisa Kaye

Roman Talberg (he/him)

SO,OUL (he/him)




100 kr. 

Buy your ticket here or at the door 

Age limit: 21+


In Absalon we don't tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or other discriminating behavior. Have a great party!