Folkehuset Absalon

LINOCUT SUMMERCOURSE 01 AugustAug 2023 11:00

Make your own lino prints in Absalon. This 3 day course offers techniques for working with multiple layers and colours. 


Linoleum printing is a graphic printing technique, where you cut out motifs in linoleum and print it. In this course we will explore linoleum’s different qualities and work with both colour, and size as well as more layers of printing that will add depth to the motif.  


Have you never tried linoleum printing before, and want to give it a go before signing up for this course?  Then it’s possible for you to join a single workshop on Tuesdays.




We meet 3 days in a row from  11:00-13:00 in the Tower Room on the third floor in Absalon. Take the stairs by the entrance. There is no elevator.


Dates for this course are Tuesday the 1st, Wednesday the 2nd and Thursday the 3rd of August.


Tickets cost 500 kr. pr. person. 


Buy your ticket beforehand below. We don’t refund tickets or exchange them for another date. Please have a look at our terms of service.