januar, 2022

Dette er en gentagende begivenhed

Vinyasa Yoga (English)9:00 - 10:15



  • Kl. 9.00-10.15
  • i Klubben
  • 50 kr.


Come and start your Friday in one of the nicest ways possible: with a yoga class in Absalon taught by Astrid, who’s substituting for Lisbeth while she’s on vacation.

We’re going to do classic vinyasa yoga, also known as flow yoga, where we’ll move in and out of the poses to the rhythm of our own breathing. On Friday mornings the focus of the class will be to wake up the body and the mind, making sure we get a good start to the day and the weekend. We’ll do some stretching, but there’ll also be some strengthening positions to energize the body.

You are welcome no matter what experience you have with yoga. It’s not about being good at yoga, but that  yoga is good for you!

We’re looking forward to seeing you!


OBS! You are required to show a valid coronapas to participate in any classes in Klubben (1st floor). This applies for all guests above the age of 15. If you have any questions, feel free to write us at info@absaloncph.dk

Please bring your own yoga mat if possible

Arrive in good time, we start on time.

Price: 50 kr.

In “Klubben” 1. sal

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