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Et Ball i Absalon // Samara Louboutin Presents - 2:00 (24)


Et Ball i Absalon // Samara Louboutin Presents

  • Kl. 20-02
  • i Salen
  • 100 kr.


Kom og oplev Danmarks første Kiki Ball, når Samara Louboutin og The House Of Louboutin besøger Absalon d. 23. marts.

Dørene åbner kl. 20 og ball’et starter 21.00. Kom som du er, eller som du gerne vil være! Ball’ets tema er SAHARAN BEAUTY BALL, hvor vi hylder egyptisk æstetik og Saharas mystik.

Vi danner en runway i salen, hvor deltagerne vil dyste i aftenens 10 kategorier, som du kan læse om længere nede.

Ballroomkulturen hylder kærlighed, kreativitet, queerness og individualitet.

Scenen startede i USA i 60’erne, hvor deltagerne “gik” mod hinanden og konkurrerede i kategorier som Runway, Best Dressed og Hands Performance. Dansestilen Voguing, opstod ud af ballroom-miljøet og er en helt særegen dansestil, inspireret af egyptiske hieroglyffer og Vogue-magasinets kendte model-poses.

Et ball er sted kun af tolerance og gensidig respekt. Et sted, hvor alle er velkomne uanset køn, seksualitet, race, klasse eller etnicitet. Et sted, hvor vi fejrer hinanden og i aften alle dem, der har banet vejen for kulturen.

Hvis du selv vil deltage og “gå” til Ball’et, så læs aftenens regler i kategoribeskrivelserne længere nede. Hvis du har tvivl eller spørgsmål, så bare spørg. Vi er klar til at hjælpe alle på vej.




Join us for the first Kiki Ball in Denmark, when Samara Louboutin & The House of Louboutin visit Absalon march 23.

The doors open at 8 pm and the ball begins at 9 pm. Come as you are, or as you want to be! The theme of the ball is SAHARAN BEAUTY BALL. We pay tribute to Egyptian aesthetics and the mystics of the Saharan desert.

We create a runway in Absalon’s main hall, where the contestants will walk in the 10 categories stated below.

The ballroom culture celebrates love, creativity, queerness, and individuality.

A ball is a place of tolerance and mutual respect. A place where everybody is welcome regardless of gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity. A place where we celebrate each other and honor those who have paved the way for the culture.

If you want to participate, to walk the Ball, take some time beforehand to learn what it means and do your research. If you need any help before or in the Ball, just ask, and we will help you.




  1. Realness (2 Trophies)

“African Women Of Trans Experience”

Women of color have been the frontrunners of major political change. Tonight we can only hope to try and honor the women of color that paved the way before us.

Bobrisky, Laverne Cox, and Noor Talbi, are only a few of the real and influential women of trans experience of African descent.

Bobrisky is known for her fashion and body, Laverne for her grace and classic beauty, Noor Talbi for her elegance and not only traditional fashion, but also her western fashion.

Female figure – Tonight, you will honor a trans woman of color of importance. Bring a picture of your inspiration, and gag us with your realness.

Male figure – Tonight you come as the man worthy of a queen. In tradition or western wear that’s up to you, just bring it real.


  1. Bizarre (One Trophy)

“The Djin”

Djins rule the world we cannot see, and tales of them have haunted us since the dawn of time. Djins are known to be around water, trees and other creepy natural elements. Tonight bring it as a creepy creature of one or more of the elements. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.


  1. Face OTA ( One Trophy)

“North Africa”

North Africa is known for its beautiful and majestic women. From the beginning of time the Nubians ruled the world, the Moors conquered Europe and had great influence in the world.

The beautiful colors of Morocco, the spices, the music, and the dance. Everything in this modern world has been affected and touched by the beauty of North Africa.

The strong and solid women of the Berber tribe have always adorned red. Berbers once ruled North Africa, tonight you rule the world.

Tonight, you honor the women before us in a red outfit and your beautiful structure. (Shoes don’t count).


  1. Runway OTA (2 trophies)

“Donatella Versace”

The Versaces are known to have been inspired by the beauty of Egypt, and have been a part of putting Egyptian classic beauty on the western runway. The assassination of Gianni Versace left us all stunned.

With his influence on the fashion world tonight we honor the lady that took over his empire, Donatella Versace, Egypt, and the Versace empire.

Bring it in an ovah black and gold outfit (Shoes count)


  1. Fag Out (1 Trophy)

“The Gay Liberation”

The gay liberation has been hard worldwide, however, the north African girls have, and are still struggling with the postcolonial opinions that have infested the culture of the people and has led to many losses of the girls.

Tonight we honor the girls before us who stood loyal and was themselves even when the price was life itself. Tonight, you stand proud in all your gayness. What we want to see is you just being the gayest and fabbest you can.


  1. Best Dressed OTA (1 trophy)


Pomegranate is a delicacy in many parts of Africa. The sweet flavor that everyone wants.

You are the best dressed at the ball. You came tonight to impress. Impress the judges too in a beautiful outfit with a touch of red. (1 red item mandatory)


  1. Performance OTA (1 trophy)

“The Turareg”

The Tuaregs have been called the “blue people” for the indigo-dye colored clothes they traditionally wear and which stains their skin.

The Tuaregs are known for their hierarchy and societal status.

Tonight you are the bitch on top, in all blue to celebrate the Tuaregs.

  1. Body OTA (1 Trophy)

“The Nubian Queendom”

The Nubians of Egypt have a reputation for strong and beautiful bodies. The people that build the pyramids was not only beautiful, but strong and beautiful limbs. Tonight, bring it in gold.

We honor not only the Nubian women, and Nubians who ruled Nubia, but also the Jewish women of Egypt who also has had an impact on ancient Egypt.


  1. Sex Siren (1 Trophy)

“The Saharan Night”

Sahara is a dessert of mysteries. Spanding from west to east, the Sahara is powerful and mighty. Tonight, you bring the fantasy of the Saharan night. The places where stars shine brighter than anywhere else.

We honor the women of Sahara who are amongst the strong and powerful women, known to live the longest.

Female figure – With everyday wear that protects their bodies from sun and sand, you get your tens showing your sensuality covered in a black abaya/fully covered in non-tight black, and let the abaya go once you battle and seduce us like a mirage.

Male figure – Bring it like the female figure to honor the women, however not in an abaya, but just fully covered and classy black, in something that u easily can take of. No sweatpants.


  1. Luscious Body OTA (1 Trophy)

“North African Beauty”

Beauty differs all around the world, some places skinny, some places luscious. In many places of africa, we celebrate a voluminous body, with curves and jiggles. Tonight we celebrate the beauty and lusc of a plus size body and all the greatness that it holds. Bring it tonight to honor your beautiful body and stand in all your greatness in a flattering and a tight fitting outfit of your choice.



***Ballroom terminology***

* Female figure – Femme quen, drags, Butch Queen Up In Drags

* Male Figure – Butch queen, Transman, Butch

* Femme queen (FQ) – Trans woman doing hormone replacement therapy

* Drags – Transwoman not doing hormone replacement therapy or male-identified at birth presenting female.

* Butch Queen Up In Drags (BQUID) – Gay male identifying non trans man presenting female.

* Butch queen – Homosexual non trans man.

* Transman – Transman doing hormones.

* Butch – Transman not doing hormones, or Female identified at birth presenting male.

* Realness – Passing into general society as identified gender. So a butch queen can walk a realness category, and the realness he has to prove is how real he looks as a straight counterpart. This is not the same as mainstreams RuPaul Drag Race.



Samara Loubotin:

“While I have no other wish but to honor my ancestors of North Africa, I do not encourage cultural appropriation, however, I do support cultural appreciation.

I do not encourage anyone to dress ethnically unappropriated nor do I have any wish to offend anyone.

An example, like MF face, I’m simply asking for red, because I want to see everyone walking celebrate what the Berbers celebrate to honor what they adore and show our respect.”






Tickets are not available for sale any more for this event!

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