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Yogatid med din baby 10 AugustAug 2022 12:00
Yogatid med din baby

Join us for 'Yogatid med din baby' every Wednesday and Friday at 12.00.


The class is in English…men du er lige så velkommen, hvis du taler dansk.


A class where you and your body get some attention and where there is space for your baby. We do stretches that give space in the body, exercises that strengthen the body, and positions that calm the nervous system. In particular we will loosen up the shoulders, neck and back and focus on our breathing. There will be a combination of both calm and dynamic elements in the class. 


We will do exercises in which your baby can participate, but the class is primarily for the adult. It is our experience is that you get the most out of the class if your baby is not yet crawling.


About our teacher Naomi

Naomi has Vinyasa and Yin Yoga training. Her classes are in English and focus on holding space for your personal movement and yoga experience during a gentle yoga practice. She loves teaching guided breath and movement classes and hopes to leave you relaxed and with a playful mood. 


We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday or Friday.


Naomi & Absalon




NB. It's not possible to park strollers etc inside Absalon. The entrance must be kept free for safety reasons.


Arrive in good time . The class begins on time.

We have mats and blankets available in the room.




Buy you ticket in advance to secure your spot or try your luck at the bar before class. We don't refund or reschedule tickets. Please take a look at our terms of service.

You are welcome to pass on your ticket to someone else or you can try reselling the ticket via the eventpage on Bevægelse I Absalon.