Folkehuset Absalon

YIN YOGA (IN ENGLISH) 24 FebruarFeb 2024 19:39

In this class we hold the poses longer and close to the ground. When we stay in stillness in the different poses it gives room for the mind to unwind and the body to let go of our daily stressors.

Yin Yoga is a quiet class if you compare it to Vinyasa yoga for example, which may at first seem like not much is happening, but this is exactly why it can be a nice practice and a beautiful balance to our usually active state of being. A nice way to start the weekend.


All the best, Naomi and Absalon



Price: 50 kr.

The class is in ‘Klubben’ on the first floor.

Buy your ticket in advance below or before class at the bar if they’re not sold out.