STRÅLA YOGA (ENGLISH) 18 FebruarFeb 2022 09:00

Stråla Yoga every Friday at 9am.

The class is taught in English…og du er lige så velkommen hvis du også taler dansk;)

Stråla stands for strength, awareness, and balancing, and means ‘to shine’ in Swedish. In Stråla Yoga we focus more on the process than the final postures. We move with our breath in a constant flow.

You might know the postures from other types of yoga, but Stråla leaves more space to move intuitively, and move the way it feels most natural to you. By moving your body in a natural way, you will let go of tensions and gain a better sense of your body and be able to give it what it needs.

People in all levels can join, and everyone is very welcome.


About Lisbeth Moseholm our teacher:
Lisbeth is an educated Social Worker and yoga teacher. Her whole life she has done lots of sport, mainly football and running. 6-7 years ago she fell in love with yoga, and first got an education as a Bikram Yoga teacher and then became a Stråla yoga teacher.

“I am particularly crazy about the ability that yoga has in gathering lots of different people on equal terms, and to me, yoga can be untraditional and different.”

We’re looking forward to begin the day shining with you!
Best wishes Lisbeth and Absalon




Price: 50 kr.

Vil du være sikker på en plads så køb din billet her på forhånd. Vi refunderer ikke købte billetter. Bliver du forhindret, er du velkommen til at give din plads til en, du tror kan bruge den. Du kan også finde begivenheden på facebooksiden Bevægelse i Absalon og spørge i debatten her, om nogen er interesserede.

Du er altid velkommen til at tage chancen og købe en billet i baren inden holdstart, hvis der ikke er udsolgt.

OBS: You must bring your own yoga mat.