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onsdag 15 maj 2024

Double concert with MONSON & Aland Z

20:00 - 22:00 Main hall 70 kr

Absalon invites you to a double concert this evening!

And this is a special one of its kind, because we get a visit from the winners of Absalon’s Battle of the Bands 2023!



MONSON is a pop duo with a lot of energy in their back pocket. They have an original and progressive pop sound with well-produced tracks and they are lit on a stage. The melodies are easily digestible, but the vocalist’s glowing figure is edgy and boundary-seeking. With an anxious and romantic expression, the lyrics tend to appeal to the thoughtful and indulgent.


Listen to MONSON here



About Aland Z:

Aland Z is hypermodern, innovative and unique in the pop genre when he mixes the flamboyant sound of the 00s with the tones of his Kurdish roots. With his originality, Aland Z embraces a wide field of listeners and paves the way for a new way of being a pop artist. The themes in his lyrics are based on the long road he has taken to be allowed to be himself – including elements of loneliness, exclusion and discrimination. And that is precisely what Aland Z does, by creating a musical universe with room for everyone.


Listen to Aland Z here




19.30 – Doors open

20.00 – Concert with: Aland Z

21.00 – Concert with: MONSON

22.00 – Concert ends