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Whacking for intermediate 09 MarchMar 2023 19:30
Whacking for intermediate

Are you already familiar with whacking and do you want to become even better at it? Then join this 6 week course in Absalon. We dance on Thursdays at 19:30.


Beginners can join the Whacking for all-course.


Whacking is poses, arm movements, and soul steps done to the sound of funk/disco music. This 6 week's course focuses on training arm techniques, funk steps, poses, and the performative element of whacking.


Whacking originates from the 70’s club culture in California. The style was specially created by bipoc homosexual men, who were inspired by drag queens. Many became familiar with the genre through the TV show Soul Train.


About our teacher
Ida Irma has worked professionally with whacking for several years. As a teacher,
performer, and competitor. In addition, she has completed a 3-year dance education.


Upcoming courses

6-week course: August 24. - September 28.

6-week course: October 5. - November 9.

6-week course: November 16. - December 21.


Time: 19.30-20.30
Price: 450 kr.
Place: ‘Klubben’ on the first floor


NB. Please bring shoes for inside use and wear clothes that allow free movement.