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That's Hot Ball - By Rebekka Marcianohttps://billetto.dk/e/that-s-hot-ball-by-rebekka-marciano-billetter-356278?fbclid=IwAR3DTdYflMMkOdG_oY7wrqu7WxRFzQuoMF3Kb4Kulo-J6lyURJQxIQlXFoQ20:00 - 2:00 (9)


That’s Hot Ball – By Rebekka Marciano

  • 20.00 – 02:00
  • Salen
  • 100 kr.


Join us for a Ball in Absalon, when Rebekka Marciano presents “That’s Hot Ball” june 8.
The doors open at 8 pm and the ball begins at 9 pm. Come as you are, or as you want to be! The theme of the ball is the 00’s, so “if you wanna be on top”, bring it in your best 00’s fashion.
We create a runway in Absalon’s main hall, where the contestants will walk in the 12 categories stated below.
The ballroom culture celebrates love, creativity, queerness, and individuality.
A ball is a place of tolerance and mutual respect. A place where everybody is welcome regardless of gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity. A place where we celebrate each other and honor those who have paved the way for the culture.
If you want to participate, to walk the Ball, take some time beforehand to learn what it means and do your research. If you need any help before or in the Ball, just ask, and we will help you.
*** Triple threat – Destinys Child
The group really became iconic in the 2000s as a trio. Gather your team: one for Face, one for Runway, one for Performance, and hit the runway in a cohesive group look inspired by Destiny’s Child.
*** Old way vs New way – Tinted sunglasses (1 trophy)
Everyone wore tinted sunglasses in the 2000s. Bring it in a look that feature the nastiest shades.
*** Vogue Fem – 00’s song
Get your tens on a throwback 2000s song.
*** Realness – Crazy In Love music video (1 trophy)
One of the most well known music videos of all time!
FF: bring a look inspired by Beyonce
MF: bring a look inspired by JayZ
*** Fag out – Gay BFF
In all teen movies of the 2000s there is a gay BFF. Tonight you’re the gayest BFF
*** Hands performance – Denim
Denim was hot in the 2000s. Show us your hands performance/arms control in a cool denim look.
*** Fashion killa – best 2000s look
Show us what you think is the best 2000s look!
*** Designers delight – Juicy Couture
The velvet tracksuit was a must-have item in the 2000s. Tonight bring your own creation centered around velvet.
*** OTA Body – Baywatch
The kult TV-show had it’s final season in the early 2000s. Show off your body in red swimwear (or underwear).
*** OTA Sex siren – Lil’ Kim
Lil’ Kim was the ultimate sex symbol of the 2000s. Bring the sex in a Lil’ Kim inspired look.
*** Tag team Runway – Naomi and Tyra
In 2005 the arch rivals finally teamed up at a Victorias Secret fashion show. You’re the deadly duo tonight. Bring it in wings or cape.
*** Bizarre – Saw
Tonight you’re the main villain. Bring your version of a scary clown puppet. BE CREATIVE
***Ballroom terminology***
* Female figure – Femme quen, drags, Butch Queen Up In Drags
* Male Figure – Butch queen, Transman, Butch
* Femme queen (FQ) – Trans woman doing hormone replacement therapy
* Drags – Transwoman not doing hormone replacement therapy or male-identified at birth presenting female.
* Butch Queen Up In Drags (BQUID) – Gay male identifying non trans man presenting female.
* Butch queen – Homosexual non trans man.
* Transman – Transman doing hormones.
* Butch – Transman not doing hormones, or Female identified at birth presenting male.
* Realness – Passing into general society as identified gender. So a butch queen can walk a realness category, and the realness he has to prove is how real he looks as a straight counterpart. This is not the same as mainstreams RuPaul Drag Race.


Tickets are not available for sale any more for this event!

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